2006 Grant Recipients      $6,869



Northern Lights 4-H Club

To purchase a pop-up canopy and a portable public address system for use during the 4-H livestock judging and sale



Hinsdale High School Student Council

To purchase child manikins to teach students and community CPR



Milk River, Inc.

To help install handicapped accessible doors at the Milk River Activity Center front entrance



Nashua Lions Club

To help purchase roller skates for the Nashua Civic Center



Hi-Line Home Programs, Inc.

Purchase educational materials for families experiencing separation and divorce



Glasgow-Northeast Aviation and Technology, Montana

Help provide housing and meals for speakers and vendors at the technology career conference in September



Glasgow Reds Baseball

To help repair and renovate the concession stand at Bill Connors Field



Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

To help purchase patriotic banners for Highway 2 for the return of National Guard troops



Hi-Line Skating

To help purchase 22 pair of rental ice skates for Valley Event Center